Stickers are made according to customer size.

Laminatedis covered with a protective film.

1440 dpi self-adhesive vinyl film.

In stock items ship in 5 business days.

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Refrigerator covers – Balcony

Fridge Sticker - Balcony by X-Decor

Refrigerator as a house. Like a window across the street.
Simple, but surprisingly harmonious sticker

Fridge Sticker ideas:

Fridge Sticker are made by customer refrigerator size.

Please write the size of each refrigerator door (including bending thickness).

What size will be – and there will be a sticker.

The image on the finished label can be changed to better fit the dimensions.

If the refrigerator is wider than 1.2 meters or 47 inches, the price $29 +.

Quality guarantee!

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Production time for about a week.

Fridge Sticker - Balcony by X-Decor
Fridge Sticker - Balcony by X-Decor

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  1. Virtual Private Server

    You can change the refrigerator beyond recognition by a vinyl decals on the refrigerator, which will close almost all of its surface, or only give emphasis by a small sticker.

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