Stickers are made according to customer size.

Laminatedis covered with a protective film.

1440 dpi self-adhesive vinyl film.

In stock items ship in 5 business days.

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Refrigerator covers – Beach 1

Fridge Sticker - Beach 1 by X-Decor

The sea, palm trees, waves lapping on the beach, holiday sticker.

Fridge Sticker ideas:

Fridge Sticker are made by customer refrigerator size.

Please write the size of each refrigerator door (including bending thickness).

What size will be – and there will be a sticker.

The image on the finished label can be changed to better fit the dimensions.

If the refrigerator is wider than 1.2 meters or 47 inches, the price $29 +.

Quality guarantee!

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Production time for about a week.

Fridge Sticker - Beach 1 by X-Decor
Fridge Sticker - Beach 1 by X-Decor

2 reviews for Fridge Sticker – Beach 1

  1. Hosting

    Mini fridge in island for the kids,or for extra cold space needed for holidays special occasion prep. Add to end of island!

  2. Hosting

    You’ll be surprised how simply it is to change the entire atmosphere in your home with a sticker and make it wild, warm or crazy.

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