Stickers are made according to customer’s order.

Laminatedis covered with a special protective film.
Vinyl tape with printing quality – 1440dpi is made by European producers.

Manufacturing time – 7 days

Select length sticker:


Kitchen Backsplash – Silver rain

Kitchen Backsplash - Silver rain

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1440dpi – Print high quality vinyl stickers.

Additionally coated with a protective film.

The height a wall kitchen stickers is not greater than 1 meter or 40 inches.

Production time for about a week.

Kitchen Backsplash - Silver rain

Kitchen Backsplash ideas

Safe and non-toxic, can be certified with no damage to the body or mind.

Photo wall covered with a protective film to prevent mechanical damage.

High quality washable vinyl stickers, waterproof inks and a UV protective coating gives us a longevity rating of many years.

Sticker backsplash murals DO NOT need glue, paste or any special chemicals, they come with self adhesive backing. Simply peel and apply on your walls.

The decals can be applied to all smooth surfaces, such as walls, windows, tiles, mirrors and doors. Application is fun and easy. Using only a plastic card, like a credit card or a plastic squeegee.

Kitchen Backsplash - Silver rain


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