Stickers are made according to customer size.

Laminatedis covered with a protective film.

1440 dpi self-adhesive vinyl film.

In stock items ship in 5 business days.

Total width:

Choose An Option...
1 meter or 40 inches
1.5 meter or 60 inches
2 meters or 80 inches

Wardrobe Stickers - National Park field by X-Decor

Wardrobe Stickers – National Park

Stickers for furniture are made according to sizes you order.

Wardrobe door should not be wider than 1 meters or 40 inches

Measure height and width for each wardrobe sash,please.

In stock items ship in 5 business days.

  • Laminated sticker will last for years.
  • Sticks to any dense surface.
  • Durable, washable.
  • 1440 dpi self-adhesive vinyl film.
  • Wardrobe Stickers image can be changed according to the size you need.

How to Install?

There is a description in “Instructions” menu.

5% cashback for posting a picture with your order

Quality guarantee!

Wardrobe Stickers - National Park by X-Decor


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